Sunday, June 14, 2009

Interviewed online by MICHAEL AUSHENKER!

I got "Q&A'd" by Michael Aushenker! Mike is Amazing, Spectactular, Fantastic, Incredible, and pretty freakin' cool. Writer, Artist, self-publisher, he does it all AND with style, baby! I'm a big fan of his articles for BACK ISSUE magazine, not to mention all his comics and paintings. We've done shows together, broken bread together, and I'm proud to call him a buddy!

(Mike, along with Javier Hernandez have really inspired me in terms of self-publishing and doing shows. They truly are masters of the craft. Thanks Mike! (And you too Javi!)

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Jim Lujan said...

Very cool interview. Mike did a great job presenting your very vivid imagination. Keep me posted anytime you have an interview online.