Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cool Stuff from MARY BELLAMY!

Just got some great work from MARY BELLAMY! Mary does some amazing sketch cards and I was finally able to commission her for my 4 favorite characters, needless to say I was delighted with her renditions of GIANT ROBOT, GAIKING, GIGANTOR and KIKAIDA! I also ordered her plush figures (Hey, a GUY can order plush figures if he wants to!) and they've been initiated into the neighborhood of toys I keep company with. They fit right in with the Bionic Bigfoot and Billy Cole!

Mary's exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con this coming week, and I encourage everybody to stop by and check out her work! Now if you'll excuse me, I think DVORAK(the dark one with batwings!) and Billy Cole are going to have a ROYAL RUMBLE with Bionic Bigfoot and Maskatron, OH YEAHHHH!

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