Monday, September 6, 2010

IDIOT ENGINE ep 32: ORGANIZING pros and cons

Me and JAVIER HERNANDEZ discuss the pros and cons of ORGANIZING group gallery shows/conventions/events as well as ORGANIZING ourselves as artists into art groups/associations. Self-publishers/Artists are traditionally "Lone Wolves" in the professional world, heck, just look at the term "Self"-publisher. On this episode of the ENGINE Me and Jav look at how and in what ways us 'LONE WOLVES" can run in PACKS. Jav's been very active in organizing events as well as the artist group the CARTOONISTAS so he's takin' point on this one! Thanks Jav!


Greenblatt the Great! said...

Nice podcast, soldiers! Wow, that was a blistering 2 hours, it took down the power grid firing up my personal computer! See you at the SGV Fest on 9/19!

thefusionman said...

Ditto Mike! Glad you dug the Cast, Yup, when you've got Javi by your side, it takes ALL THE GRIDS DOWN! He's that ELECTRIFYING!