Saturday, January 16, 2010


Thanks to Gonzalexx for sharing this pic of his daughter Alejandra with her official SUPERMONSTERS Coloring book! AND here are the FIRST ever colored pages! It's FRANKENSTEIN'S GIANT done by: Pilarcita, Alejandra, and Patricia! They all look like SUPERMONSTER MASTERWORKS to me! Thank you Pilarcita, Alejandra, and Patricia(Artists All!) , and thank you Jose! You've got quite the Artists studio at home!


gonzalexx said...

Thanks to you Ted! The girls were together, and I had printed the page for my daughter. Next thing you know, I had to print 2 more. They'll get a kick from this post!
It is a great coloring book. Good quality binding, great print, and a heavier paper, sturdy, and great for coloring! Impressive!
Alejandra says thanks!

Javier Hernandez said...

These are really sweet! How great that the girls were interested in coloring some monsters!

The last one kind of reminds me of a Frankenberry cereal type of monster.

You must be pretty happy, Ted!

Greenblatt the Great! said...

What the heck?!?

Ted, you continue to thrill, surprise and amaze! As soon as this rain clears, I'm heading to K-Mart to buy a box of Crayolas!

o f l o d a said...

Ted I want one for my kid. Do you have any more copies left?

Anonymous said...
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