Monday, January 17, 2011


I finally finished editing and revising my flashtoons into the SUPERMONSTERS CARTOON SHOW! for Jim Lujan's upcoming animation show at Geeks, a local comic shop in Whittier. I did several versions of this piece until it came out just the way it should be. And it took a buddy of mine, self-publisher Javier Hernandez who tossed a common phrase I use BACK at me to go that last bit. That phrase? "Are you gonna cr*p it out or CRAFT IT OUT? I'm really appreciative of Jim for motivating me to put together something for his show... he's an incredibly talented animator, but more important(in my opinion) he's truly superhumanly Driven and Focused!

This is one of those projects that I feel really satisfied with. It's like when I made and xeroxed my first minicomic and held it in my hand sitting alone in my room. It's cheezy, full of flaws and inperfections, but it looks good to me and I'm proud I made it!

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