Saturday, January 16, 2010


Thanks to Gonzalexx for sharing this pic of his daughter Alejandra with her official SUPERMONSTERS Coloring book! AND here are the FIRST ever colored pages! It's FRANKENSTEIN'S GIANT done by: Pilarcita, Alejandra, and Patricia! They all look like SUPERMONSTER MASTERWORKS to me! Thank you Pilarcita, Alejandra, and Patricia(Artists All!) , and thank you Jose! You've got quite the Artists studio at home!


Me and Mark Jiro Okui talk about MONSTERS and how and why they are used in storytelling. Mark and I started a fanzine CALLING MONSTER ISLAND some 15 years back. Mark is a freelance illustrator and 9 to 5 er, and still publishing CMI annually, on his own AND since I costarted the zine I get a free copy every year. Thanks Mark! And another "Big Thank you" to Mark for providing the ENGINE with it's much needed cohost!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


If you haven't seen it before, here's a 5 page comic I did for a monster fanzine I worked on with Mark Jiro Okui some years back called CALLING MONSTER ISLAND. While I'm not working on CMI these days, Mark still puts out the fanzine annually on his own. It's a labor of love for him, and looking back, I was Lovin' that labor too! Man, Those toy stores were Great back in the day!

IDIOT ENGINE episode 21:Your Audience

Javier Hernandez and I have a brief "Off-The-Cuff-Idiot Engine" where we marketing to our audiences as self-publishers. This episode is slightly different in the sense of it being only just past 30 minutes as opposed to typical episodes that are 2hrs(whew!) long. Just think of the "Off-The-Cuff-Idiot-Engines" as those cheese and cracker packs that come with that red stick/spoon, small but FULL of cheezy Flavor and BUTTERY crackers! YuM! Thanks for cohosting Jav!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

IDIOT ENGINE episode 20: Making Stuff...

Me and Javier Hernandez host the latest IDIOT ENGINE podcast where we talk about all the How's, Why's, and What For's of MAKING STUFF. Javier's a Self-Publisher, Instructor, Cartoonista, Podcaster, AND a Four Time cohoster of the IDIOT ENGINE... He's a regular One Man Marching Band! Really, the guy does it all! So if you get a chance take a listen to the beautiful, melodic words of wisdom from said Hernandez as well as the clunkers crooned by yours truly!