Sunday, January 27, 2013

MiniComics Freebee!

It's good to go back to one's roots every now and again.  For me that means making a Mini comic Freebee!  I made an 8 page mini and ran off a bunch of copies this weekend.  I kept the costs and labor low, (ran off like 100 copies for under 10 bucks)  and now when I'm out if I see an appropriate place: coffee house, comic store, gas station, record store etc... I can ask to leave a stack.  It's cool to make work and not be concerned with selling it, finding an audience, or a market.   My only consideration is my own conscience.  I say give it a try if you can, heck you might learn something about making comics, and your own Art! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Year's ComicMotionHolidayToon!

IT's time for the New Year's Comic Motion Holiday Toon!   Hope you dig it!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Here's a peak at some projects I finished up 2012 working on...

Pegheads, sketchcards, Mega Coloring books... all exciting projects I rounded out this last year making... Making art is fun, satisfying and really brings a balance to my life.  And I'm glad I can share it with you, Oh, and Happy New Year! 

 These are my hand painted/colored supermonster pegheads.  I also made original sketch cards of each peghead AND printed all of them together to make a mini coloring book! Utilize every opportunity when it comes to your Art!

 Here's a shot of the pages to my latest comic, NO-BRAINER THE LIVING CADAVER! it's a magazine size 24 page comic printed on heavy paperstock with a faux 3-D back cover!  I had a blast doing this one!

 And this is a shot of the Biggest Coloring book I've done to date!  11" by 17" MONSTERAMA BATTLEMANIA!  And get this, it stars all those peghead characters I made in that first pic!

And Here's an original painted sketch Back cover I did for a copy of MONSTERAMA BATTLEMANIA that a buddy received for the holidays! 

That's how I rounded out 2012.  Now let's see how I round in 2013!

Sneak Peak at my upcoming New Year FlashToon!