Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A great comic show well attended by the public, Geeks Con was indeed ON! The organizers behind the first Geeks Con have alot to be proud of. This show is exactly what a local intimate comiccon should be, a venue where artists and fans and the general public can get together and have a good time buying and selling merchandise, sketching for each other, and sharing knowledge. I spent the whole day with artists, animators, script writers, teachers, fans, and collectors, with one thing in common, an appreciation for the art that we all do. And as far as I'm concerned, that's what makes a successful comic show.

Me talking with Renato Aguirre of the Nuvein foundation.

Mike Aushenker!

AGIMAT Comics And their AMAZING NEW Video Game!


It's a shame I can't show you guys all the neat people and stuff at the show, from RAFAEL NAVARRO and his friggin Amazing comics and SKETCHBOOK( honestly, every time I look at his work I am filled with equal parts awe and envy! The dude is simply great at capturing the best of the comic art form) to all the other amazing artists and creators in attendance, Jose Cabrera friggin CRYING MACHOMAN himself was there as was SHERM COHEN! Like I said, I can't show you everything, so all I can do is encourage you to check out your local comic shows and meet the people that make the stuff we all dig so much!

Gotta thank Javier Hernandez, Jim Lujan, and Sal the owner of Geeks (and everybody else who took part in the show!) for doing such a great job!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Geek's comic shop in Whittier is hosting it's first ever GEEKS CON tmo from noon to 10 pm! There's a lot of comicbook buzz going down in the San Gabriel Valley of CA, and a majority of it is coming from Sal's store, GEEKS. If you get a chance, drop by and meet some of the coolest Comicbook creators, Artists, Animators, Bloggers and Webcartoonists around town! A couple things to keep an eye out for: Jim Lujan's latest and possibly greatest DVD of his GHETTOMATION animated cartoons, Mike Aushenker will be signing his just released comic book and Javier Hernandez will be premiering his new EL MUERTO Sketch Dolls! Not to mention Sherm Cohen of CARTOON SNAP fame, as well as a great list of other... greats! I'll also be there hanging out with my new PULPED sketchbook! come on by and say "Hi!"

Friday, June 4, 2010

IDIOT ENGINE episode 29: Using Comics as a springboard for Creating other Art!

Me and Independent publisher/podcaster/teacher/artist/writer (whew, I'm runnin' out of (/) slashes!) JAVIER HERNANDEZ discuss how to use comics as a springboard for creating other types of Art. Comics can be seen as a "gateway" artform, that can branch off to Illustration, logo formation, toy creation, cartoons, etc. Does this compromise the integrity of comics as Art? Answers will vary... That's one of the fascinating aspects of any Artform, there's no ONE answer... Thanks for co-hosting for the nth time Javi!