Thursday, April 22, 2010

IDIOT ENGINE episode 28:How Art makes us Strong

Me and DAVE BAKER of MODERN MYTHOLOGY PRESS discuss how Art Makes us Strong on the latest IDIOT ENGINE. Dave really has a passion for Art and his work shows it. He's a true talent and the sky's the limit for this dude! No, I take that back. The sky's too limiting for this guy! Take a ride on the Idiot Engine and listen to one of the voices that's making the future of comics bright!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IDIOT ENGINE episode 27: "How do you breath Life into your artwork?""

Me and Storyboard Director, Supervisor,Writer, Artist, Cartoonist and Teacher SHERM COHEN discuss how to breath life into one's Artwork. Sherm is a true Scholar of Storyboarding and Cartooning and it was my great pleasure to cohost the ENGINE with him. We discuss everything from Drawing with Confidence to "Ingesting" JACK KIRBY's Artwork! Take a listen and ride the IDIOT ENGINE!
Thanks for cohosting Sherm, it was quite a RIDE!