Monday, September 27, 2010


Yet another SUPERMONSTER painting in the series I'm putting together...

latest SUPERMONSTER painting!

Chugging away at my latest project SUPERMONSTERAMA! Painting is a fascinating medium, utilizing the various aspects of color alone is a blast, AND there's still composition, brush stroke, texture etc! Deep down though, it stokes my early fascination with the GREAT package art done for the classic GI JOE Toys and Japanese Giant Robots and Monsters and Heroes! Advice for the day: Don't ignore the little kid in you, just keep him off my friggin' lawn!

Monday, September 6, 2010

IDIOT ENGINE ep 33:Where do we as Artists/Storytellers fit in a struggling economy?

On the Latest ENGINE me and JERZY DROZD ask the question, "Where do we as artists/storytellers fit in a struggling economy?" You see it in the headlines and on the news every day, unemployment is high and the economy is takin' a big hit right now. It's tough times and Me and Jerzy discuss how Art/storytelling fit into the equation of a Struggling Economy. Thanks Jerzy!

IDIOT ENGINE ep 32: ORGANIZING pros and cons

Me and JAVIER HERNANDEZ discuss the pros and cons of ORGANIZING group gallery shows/conventions/events as well as ORGANIZING ourselves as artists into art groups/associations. Self-publishers/Artists are traditionally "Lone Wolves" in the professional world, heck, just look at the term "Self"-publisher. On this episode of the ENGINE Me and Jav look at how and in what ways us 'LONE WOLVES" can run in PACKS. Jav's been very active in organizing events as well as the artist group the CARTOONISTAS so he's takin' point on this one! Thanks Jav!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More SUPERMONSTERS paintings

Yet more SUPERMONSTERS paintings... I wonder, does this ever get any easier? Maybe the struggle and challenge of the paint is it's charm, then again maybe I just need more practice!