Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art is more than ... Art!

Just finished doing a digital mock up for the title page for the gallery section of the project I'm working on and it's feeling just about right. It's one thing to make art but another thing to present it, either in print or on the web or in a slide show or etc.
It can be just as satisfying to design a composition for paste up as it is finishing a piece of art. It's all art after all just different mediums.


Javier Hernandez said...

Holy smokes! Love the design. Reminds me of something I may have bought in the 70s, along with some Wacky Packages trading cards and an Aurora monster model kit!

And you bring up a great point about the presentation. Once the work is done (paintings, movie, comic, etc) how do you best present it? There is indeed an art of packaging and branding. Always a tough nut to crack, but it's a challenge I love to take.

Consider at least one copy of this Creature Gallery sold!!

thefusionman said...

Thanks Jav! And Consider one copy reserved!

I love the art of packaging, from great painted gi joe toys of the 70s to the Great painted Gi Joe toys of the 80's! And I agree, that it's a tough nut to crack, but those nuts are always the tastiest to eat... especially in brownies!