Saturday, March 5, 2011


I went to the PWG tag team tournament last night, and had a blast. I got to see wrestlers from the east coast, Japan, Canada and all around. The crowd was great, the wrestlers were great and everybody was very cool.

The coolest moment for me was when a wrestler accidentally spit on a guy in the audience when he was yelling at his opponent in the corner. During the match he went over and sincerely apologized to the guy. I dig wrestling because of its contradictions. Guys are fighting, but actually they are working together making each other look good. It's fighting and violence, but nobody gets hurt.

I understand that sometimes in life we have to fight, and make a stand. I understand we have to defend ourselves and our loved ones and what we believe in with violence sometimes. But I don't feel the "Glory" of true battle. It has to be done, and blood has to be spilled, but it's not glorious.

WRESTLING can be glorious in it's violence, because it's pretend. It's Play and Drama and everything you loved as a kid chasing Cops and Robbers and Cowboys and Indians. I get plenty of "Reality" from real life, and I prefer to enjoy and relish my violence and hate and anger when it's pretend.

To pass the time waiting for tickets I made a comic you can check out here!


gonzalexx said...

Ted! For some reason I never got into wrestling, but you make me want to. Your passion for the ideal of it is contagious. Plus, I really enjoy your hot off the notebook comics. They simply rock. The go hand in hand with my love of "impulsive sketching", only they're a level beyond! Thanks for sharing this, and please, don't ever stop. Great things always come of these. Awesome, unadulterated storytelling.

thefusionman said...

Thanks Jose for the kind words! Drawing really passed the time while waiting, and gave me something I could post on my blog AND gave me a souvenir from the show! Art is a great companion.