Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Craft Fair 2011, Always a pleasure!

I just wrapped another Holiday Craft Fair, and it was fun for all. I had good sales (for me that means I made table costs with enough extra to buy dinner!(Mongolian BBQ, Oh Yeah!) and I did a load of Supermonster sketches for alot of appreciative kids.

I like making something special for every craft fair, and for this one I made a set of SUPERMONSTER Holiday cards. They came out pretty cool, and I think I'll be making more every holiday season.

I'd have to say doing a Craft Fair isn't the best arena to sell comics and graphic novels. But if you're like me and have other types of merchandise like coloring books (a big hit this season) or greeting cards or prints or t-shirts, I think your local craft fair is worth a look!