Friday, January 18, 2013

Here's a peak at some projects I finished up 2012 working on...

Pegheads, sketchcards, Mega Coloring books... all exciting projects I rounded out this last year making... Making art is fun, satisfying and really brings a balance to my life.  And I'm glad I can share it with you, Oh, and Happy New Year! 

 These are my hand painted/colored supermonster pegheads.  I also made original sketch cards of each peghead AND printed all of them together to make a mini coloring book! Utilize every opportunity when it comes to your Art!

 Here's a shot of the pages to my latest comic, NO-BRAINER THE LIVING CADAVER! it's a magazine size 24 page comic printed on heavy paperstock with a faux 3-D back cover!  I had a blast doing this one!

 And this is a shot of the Biggest Coloring book I've done to date!  11" by 17" MONSTERAMA BATTLEMANIA!  And get this, it stars all those peghead characters I made in that first pic!

And Here's an original painted sketch Back cover I did for a copy of MONSTERAMA BATTLEMANIA that a buddy received for the holidays! 

That's how I rounded out 2012.  Now let's see how I round in 2013!

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